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Meeting at BSC's place in Cologne (Dec. 2009)

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In December Face Hugger, BSC and I met at BSC's place in Cologne. This year Fraggle didn't come along, because he and his wife are currently busy building their own little nest. Instead BSCs brother Dirk joined our little meeting.
As usual, the meeting was very little about CPC and more about talking of times gone by and playing Wii and Dreamcast. On Sunday morning BSC and Face Hugger discovered an old Z80 programming guide and went through a few opcodes and looked up some routines in a BASIC Reference Guide. This much for CPC on the weekend.
Finally we played a match of frisbee golf on the Wii, but since Face Hugger had to leave, BSC and I took over for him - and his character actually beat BSC and me in Face Huggers abscence. That's what I call skillful!



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