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Xzentrix 2008 Party in Seeshaupt (12. - 14. Sep. 2008)

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Year after year a small group of hardcore fans of vintage computers meet at a hall in Seeshaupt (Bayaria) for the annual Xzentrix meeting. There, people set up their old computers, revel in times gone by and indulge in a few rounds of Atari VCS or C64 games.

Most of those people are in their mid or end thirties, some already have families, and all lead regular lives in which most have no time anymore to care about computers that have less power than a typical cell phone.

But still, on this annual event we all come together and remember those times when we all were heroes.

One starts to wonder for how long this will go on. When will life catch up with us and prevent us from going there, when will our jobs or families demand our presence at home or when will we finally lose interest in computers, whose names most twenty years old people of today never even have heard. Will we still be going to this meeting in 20 or 30 years, when we're going to hit 60 or 70 years of age?

In order to answer this question we have to ask ourselves first, why we go there year after year. Is it really to use these old machines again, to listen to the synthetic three-channel sound and watch the 16 color graphics? Or do we go there to meet old friends, talk, have a barbeque and play some games? Do we want to see each other to feel some sense of coherence in our lives, to again be with the people we knew when we were younger, to see that they are also getting older, that they and their lives are also changing, but that there is still something left that connects us?

I couldn't say for sure. But what I can say right now, is that I was there again this year, that I had a great time and that I will will try to come back again next year, if my life permits it.

Until then here are the pictures of this years' Xzentrix meeting in Seeshaupt.


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