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Xzentrix 2009 Party in Seeshaupt (11. - 13. Sep. 2009)

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Here are my pictures from this years' Xzentrix Meeting in Seeshaupt. Unfortunately the guest list on the CPC side was a little short, but there were a lot of other people there and we had a great time, as you can see in the pictures.

This year the two Stefans actually booked a parade of the locals in honor of the Amstrad CPC's 25 birthday. That was quite a surprise and a nice present to the few CPC fans at the Xzentrix! (I'm just shitting you! The parade was for the opening of the restaurant at the local gym. So maybe next year we can go back to the gym to hold the Xzentrix there. It's a far bigger room and it has got showers!).


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