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Xzentrix 2011 party in Seeshaupt, Germany (9. - 11. September 2011)

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As every year, the Xzentrix again took place in the event hall of the local fire station in Seeshaupt in Bavaria. Besides spending time at our computers we found out that the horrible Pizza place on Sankt-Heinricher-Straže is finally under new managament, but while the Pizza has indeed improved a lot the service actually got worse. The waiter delivered the ordered Pizzas to our table three at a time every 15 minutes. Since we were twelve people after waiting 30 minutes for the first set of three Pizzas it took another 45 Minutes till everybody had his food - and while the final three almost died of starvation the lucky three who got delivered first were already finished for about half an hour.

Maybe we have to wait for another five years for this place to become finally bearable!

Oh, and this was also the second Xzentrix in my career where I actually got out of the hall for a stroll around the area! That is, Odin, Brainy and I did a tour through Seeshaupt and found out that the area is actually quite nice with a lake, some nice beaches and a yacht harbor. Maybe next year we should bring swimming trunks instead of computers and video games...

Down below you'll find my pictures of this years' Xzentrix. Enjoy!
 Cheers, Odie

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