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Xzentrix 2015 party in Seeshaupt, Germany (4. - 6. September 2015)

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Once again it was Xzentrix time in Seeshaupt in early September this year. For me as a regular Xzentrix guest this was a special year, since my wife and my little son joined us in Seeshaupt this year! Mr. Ams and some others kept asking to meet my wife for years and this year they finally could! But this also meant: less computing for me and more family time.
Over and above that, the Xzentrix this year saw a second premiere: my brother also brought his partner and (at that time) soon to be married wife to the party.
But this years' Xzentrix also was overshadowed by a very tragic loss: Nilquader, the young Amstrad CPC enthusiast who was a regular guest of the Xzentrix for years, wasn't participating this year and won't ever again participate, since he died of a brain tumor earlier this year.
Rest in peace, Nil. You will be missed, but not forgotten!


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